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We are, Data Solutions Experts, providing our clients with bespoke tools to meet their data needs.

If you struggle to have the data you need, you know where it is, which can be on a website or an api. The difficulty you might have here is ease of access and in an intuitive way. However, outside of access, you will require that the data is cleaned, and formatted in a way that allows you to use it effortlessly, saving you time so you can focus with the important tasks you need to perform draw from that information.

This is where SWorks Solutions steps in. We will create for you a bespoke tool, which can be web or desktop to scrape your websites of choice, then we can clean the retrieved data and format it to make it usable for you our client. If you would like to talk things over, please send an inquiry on the email below or better yet, book a call with us.

Please email all inquiries: [email protected]