The Story of SWorks Solutions

Hello World, I am Shanaire the Founder of SWorks Solutions Limited. I have a passion for solving real world problems especially those that deals with data, such as the access, cleaning and formatting of it. Over the past 5 years I have been building tools that fetches financial data, and image data to help me make critical financial and other personal decisions. Seeing how useful it has been for me and with the data revolution growing, I believe putting myself out there to is a great way to connect with potential clients and to help them solve their data related problems.

Our Approach

Taking the time to deeply understand your needs so that the journey can be as straight forward as possible.

1 | Client Meeting

The first stage is about understanding the problems you the client have, and some of the approaches you have tried. Then explore the options that are available so that we can outline for the scope of work.

2 | Project Scope

Following the meeting, a project scope would be drawn up to outline how we are going to move forward and what the deliverable will be.

3 | Examine the Website

With knowledge of the data that you will need. Next is to examine the structure of the website to understand what we are working with and how proceed effeciently.

4 | Develop Logic

Now it is about building the tool that would analyse the site and extract the relevant information. This would include cleaning and formatting of the data and more.

5 | Build User Interface

Rather than just having a basic terminal interface, the option for a fully developed interface is there. This would provide you with the ability to tweak the tool in an intuitive way.

6 | Delivery

You will be presented with a tool, with all the logic and dependencies bundled together. This can either be a desktop application or a web app.

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