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We create a range of products to suite a variety of needs, some might even save you time.

Take your time and look around, and if you are still unsure, send us an inquiry and lets have a conversation.

No charge for initial consultation

Python Products

Folder Structure Generator

If you tend to reuse a particular set of folder structure, then this tool might be what you need. It will automate the process of creating folder structures down to one click, to where you can have multiple variations to choose from.
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Digital Asset Downloader

Checkout our list of digital asset downloaders to see if any is a fit for you. If you have a particular asset you need and a downloader is not available for it, well we can assist in making it a reality.
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Looking to get on the web? If so, we'll be happy to assist you, getting you setup, with hosting and more. We can help with the design also.
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Above lists our common software services that we would like to provide you with.
However, if you have something in mind that isn’t there, you can still inquire to see if we are a right fit for you.

Dynamic Spreadsheets


Use our curated spreadsheet to manage trades and keep track of all your trades in the stock market. It also comes with several calculators.


A dynamic spreadsheet that you can use to organise your expenses so you can plan you financial goal in a much more user friendly way.

Creative Consultations

Design Strategy

This is reviewing the current strategy, and understand the causes of the gaps and how to remedy them.
The aim of these session is to help with brand continuity, making sure the messaging and branding is in-sync. Along side this, looking at how it ties in with the target audience and much more.

Software Design

These sessions will be about reviewing the idea of the tool you want to design, and to explore the technology that are available to achieve this.
Mapping out the tool will be an important part, as it helps to breakdown the process into small manageable tasks.

Tutoring Session

These will be one to one sessions to help individuals get started with programming, using the python language.
We will go through programming concepts and use various python libraries to understand how the pieces come together to build an application.

We are here to serve you and your business, to help elevate you and your team to the next. 

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